What Women’s Shoes Should Be In Your Wardrobe?

Shoes are an integral part of our style. Most people are indeed driven by the mania of owning enough of them. But the important thing is whether you already have the must-have women’s shoes in your wardrobe. Follow our guide to find out exactly what you need.

Sport Shoes

Women’s sports shoes are crucial to perform all movements efficiently. You can buy innovative sports shoe designs used by top athletes to make the most of your performance. Get the ones that suit you best! From football shoes to basketball, motorsports, training or running.


Heels are always flattering, as they make you look taller and give a different touch to your outfit. There is a suitable type for every occasion but you’ll need to find a pair that best suit your needs, tastes and, of course, keeps you comfortable.


Add a sophisticated touch to your favourite outfits with this unique range of boots from Yumi. With so many eye-catching styles to choose from, it’s impossible not to find the perfect size for you. Whether it’s lace-up or lace-up-less boots, heeled, knee-high or ankle-high boots, you have many options to choose from for a unique and casual look. 


One of the essential items in a wardrobe is a pair of sandals.
With their open-toe design, women’s sandals allow the feet to breathe better. They are lightweight and offer extraordinary relaxation. There is a wide range to buy these shoes, from the simplest to the most complex ones.

Flip flops

Flip-flops are easy to wear and remove, plus they are stylish and perfect for giving your summer outfits a casual and airy look. They are practical footwear for the beach or for walking freely in a garden. They come in many styles and varieties and go along with many outfits.


Slippers are shoes designed to make your feet feel soft. Often practical for the home, these shoes help you relax no matter what you do at home. Easy to wear and take off, they are chic and go perfectly with any of your outfits.


Platforms are unique shoes with an extraordinary and pronounced design. They are the cream of the crop regarding fashion and trends. To look good, you must have them in your wardrobe for unique and unparalleled occasions.

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