Sustainable Fashion Looks by Celebrities

Fashion is a beautiful way of expressing yourself; for celebrities, it is a statement. Celebrities influence fashion by wearing whatever is in style and creating trends. Celebrities are moving towards sustainable fashion for red carpet events to show the world how we can save the environment. This article will look at some celebrities who have chosen to identify with sustainable fashion looks.

Celebrities Endorsing Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability and eco-friendly options are becoming trendy options because they increase awareness of environmental concerns. Celebrities have taken up the mantle by ensuring their clothes match their beliefs. Some use plastic to design their outfits, while others use cruelty-free materials, so let’s look at some of these celebrities’ bold choices in recent times.

Green Carpet Challenge

Emma Watson has been a champion for sustainable fashion and has been wearing sustainable outfits since 2015. She has been documenting her sustainable fashion styles on her separate Instagram account. One of them is a black and chiffon silk dress used to promote Beauty and the Beast. The outfit was made of organic materials, and Watson paired the dress with leather heels. She switched to sustainable fashion because her research showed that fashion is the second highest pollutant in the world.

Livia Firth is another champion of the green carpet challenge, and her passion for the environment is shown when she recruited high-end designers to the movement. She is the founder of Eco-Age, a brand committed to promoting a culture of sustainability and purpose. Her advocacy for sustainability did not go unnoticed when she received the UN Leader of Change Award for her efforts in creating a culture of sustainability among celebrities.

Responsible Fashion Choices

Joaquin Phoenix wore the same Tuxedo at the Golden Globes during the Oscars. The green carpet challenge also sited that recycling clothes for various events also reduces waste. Celebrities also chose to wear previous designs in a bid to reduce waste. Some of them did not always encompass their choices around their clothes but older designs. Bella Hadid wore a 2002 black and white Jean Paul Gaultier dress to BET awards showing that celebrities can still wear older versions for red carpet events years later.

Style icon Zendaya was not left behind when she wore an upcycled 2003 Versace gown. Zendaya believes in wearing something you already own because it is a sustainable way of fashion. She also wore a vintage 1982 couture gown from her stylist’s archive. The gown was initially owned by Eunice Johnson, who wore it at the Hollywood Awards many years ago. It showed Zendaya’s commitment to sustainable fashion when she wore an outfit that was already older than her.

Celebrities have realized their position in society, and they have unanimously decided to have more sustainable looks through that influence. The conversations have grown on how they can shape the environment, and they have leaned towards embracing vintage clothes, refurbishing and repurposing organic materials, and using recycled plastics. Have you ever tried sustainable fashion? Well, this article can be a good help, and you can go on and choose your favorite method of showing your support for the environmen

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