Iconic Pieces to Achieve a Coastal Grandma Chic Look this Summer

The coastal chic style is coming in strong in 2022, especially in the fashion and interior design world. This trend is full of neutral and natural, cotton and linen, simplicity, and flow. In social media it’s been baptized as the coastal grandma style, because it totally gives you the vibes of the typical affluent and older woman who lives in her beach house. Little did we know this look flatters all women!  

And we’re as ready for it! We’re showing you 7 pieces to get you into the coastal chic trend!

White Jeans

Fall in love with jeans all over again by wearing them in lighter colors, as in this wide leg jean in ivory that you can find at Secret Sales. Pair them with a white top to achieve a timeless look. 

Coastal Shirt

If you don’t have the perfect white top for those jeans, get this Retro Romance Shirt from Joe Browns. Its embroidered detail gives a beautiful and romantic twist to the classic button up, and it’s so versatile! 


Add a pop of colour with this summery jumper! This gorgeous navy gives a sophisticated look, and the minimal structure keeps it light and flowy. Get yours at your favourite fashion shop!


For warmer weather go for neutral shorts like this one in white instead of jeans. Get the same look and stay fresh and comfortable in Lacoste!

Fashionable Hat

If you’re going for this style, you might as well take a trip to the beach and wear a hat! These have been trending for the past couple of years, try them in light and neutral colours, Casual yet classy get yours at Fairy Season

Turtleneck Sweater

Get cozy with a heavy turtleneck sweater. These will look great with linen pants, jeans, and skirts. They are comfortable and add grace and thoughtfulness to any outfit. 

Tote Bag

Finally, hop into the basket tote trend and you’re ready to go! They are not just for the beach, natural fabrics and materials can be beautifully incorporated into your wardrobe with accessories like this one.  

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