Fabulous Beauty Products to Create a Spa at Home

Nothing is better than going to the spa and enjoying the heated water and the amazing skin masks and scrubs. However, you might be too busy to book an appointment and to go as often as you wish. The spa is not only super relaxing but it also nourishes your skin and gives it an amazing glow. The great news is you can have a spa at home with these products so you can create your own body-relaxing/skin-glowing experience and enjoy it as frequently as you want!  

Scented Candles

Set up the mood with some scented candles! Candles give the bath relaxing lighting and calming mood so all your muscles can relax and your stress can fade away. Buy your favourite scent now!

Bathing Flowers

You want now to start with jumping into the bathtub, and what is more relaxing than adding bathing flowers to the warm water? Bathing flowers will add luxury to your relaxing bath. You can go for something sugary, fruity, tropical, or super delicate, whatever works for you best!

Exfoliating scrub

Exfoliating scrub sweeps off dead skin cells so they don’t build up causing clogged pores, dark spots, rough skin texture, and dryness. Making your skin smooth and fresh! The Body Shop has the best face and body scrubs for you!

Bath Oil

After exfoliating your skin you want to cleanse it and then apply bath oil to moisturize the skin and massage the body muscles. Bath Oils come with great fragrances so they will keep you in a relaxed mood for many hours after the bath. Check a wide collection of bath oils and buy now!

Vitamin C Serum

Apply vitamin C serum to your face and neck for a refined skin appearance and smooth texture. Using vitamin C regularly protects your skin from dark spots and wrinkles. 

Other Skin Care

After the hot bath and after exfoliating your skin, it is a great time to apply skin care products. Apply your favorite skin care products; lotions, serums or toner. Find skincare products based on royal honey at Manuka Doctor!

Hands and feet cream

You don’t want to forget about your hands and feet. Apply hands and feet cream to have them moisturized for a soft texture. Feel fresh and smoother than never before by shopping yours in Sally Beauty!

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