5 Items Your Wardrobe Needs!

If itโ€™s been a few years since you were able to add much to your wardrobe, you might feel like getting up to speed in that department is an impossible task. After all, new clothes are so expensive, right?

Not always – updating your style doesn’t have to break the bank. A few carefully chosen pieces can be enough to add new life to your wardrobe while also coordinating well with the items you already have. Most of these pieces should be in neutral colours like black, white, and tan; that way, they’ll go with almost anything in your current collection.

Simply Be has a vast array of affordable, fashion-forward clothes available in their online storefront, so that makes them a great place to start. We’ve picked out a few choice items for any woman looking to keep her style fresh and still stay on budget.

1. A cardigan sweater
Everyone loves a cardigan, and with good reason. These long sweaters are easy to throw on over most tops, are comfortable enough to wear all day long, and instantly make plain outfits a bit more dressy. They also let you get away with wearing lighter tops a little longer when the weather gets cooler, further extending the use you can get out of each piece. This particular version has a lovely draped front that provides an extra feminine touch flatters any figure.

2. Some high-waisted trousers
Your basic jeans are fine for casual wear, but youโ€™ll need something a bit more put together for work or other semi-formal occasions. High-waisted trousers are a popular choice that will make you look like you just stepped off a runway. The high waistline pulls in your middle to show off your silhouette to its best advantage while the wider leg and cuffs create balance in your overall profile. These ones include a tie waist that makes them extremely comfortable to wear and adds some extra visual interest, but there are many that button up the front for a more controlled fit instead.

3. A modern but understated dress
When you want to wear a classic feminine silhouette, a dress is the way to go. A relatively simple dress is the perfect backdrop against which to showcase your collection of jewelry, handbags, tights, shoes, and other accessories. Choose a dress with subtle of-the-moment details like the puffy organza sleeves on this one; you’ll end up with a piece that’s trendy now but also won’t look extremely dated as soon as styles shift again.

4. A loose pullover blouse
One distinctive fashion trend of the moment is the loose half-sleeve blouse, like the Aztec blouse featured here. A blouse like this can keep you cool in warmer temperatures and is easy to move around in, so it never feels restrictive to wear. It also pairs nicely with either fitted pants or a flowing skirt, giving you the versatility you need in a key wardrobe staple. This one’s low-key print gives it an interesting look without overwhelming the eye, but they also come in solid colours if you want to maximize your mix-and-match options.

5. A long, loose skirt
Skirts with any sort of volume to them are inherently eye-catching pieces of clothing, and you can use this to your advantage. A well-chosen skirt allows you to incorporate basic tops into your everyday wear without making them look too plain. Flowing maxi skirts (like the one from Simply Be that is linked above) are very popular right now and make for a soft yet striking look, but you can also get a lot of use out of a pleated skirt in more formal settings.

Every woman wants to look her best, and you should never let a small budget make you feel like that isn’t a possibility for you. With smart shopping at quality retailers like Simply Be, you’ll have no trouble filling out your wardrobe with select pieces that make you feel like you’ve gotten a completely fresh start.